The cold is angry and heaven.,His figure is like a lightning, I came to Lin Feng’s face.,Hand’s ax bundles unparalleled speed,Carrying a devastating atmosphere,Chopping killing the head of Lin Feng。

Lin Feng has no dodge,A punch,His hand is like a star condensed,Flashing star-like light,This is the surrounding breath,It is like a nebula.reads。
It’s like a gold stone collision.,Huge ax chopped in Lin Feng’s big hand,Both two want to hit,Bright Huamuang。
This scene makes the residual fraud。
Lin Feng face exposed the color of satisfaction,This ax, he just feels slightly pain.,There is no other discomfort。
“Boy,You are the four sides of Beijing?”Fragola,Stopping and suddenly looking at Lin Feng Road。
“I am the city owner of the bloody city.。”Lin Feng looked at the residency:“Not what Jingcheng four。”
“Not the capital four?What is the difference between the means?,Take the bloody city in Northwestern Cheng Taiyuange?it is good,You must die today!”
Fragola is cold,Murderous。
“Oh,You kill me?”Lin Feng looked at the residency:“I have to see what you have.!”
“Kill you, but pay some cost,Drop!”Remnant is suddenly low,The wrist suddenly broke,Flowing golden blood,These golden blood are injected directly into his ax.。
The ax in the hand is stunned,Sudoku voice,Cover the figurus,The two strange one,Turn into a bloody figure。
An all over the world broke out from the body of the blood,Blood color stony skyrocket。
Just when this bloody is soaring,Lin Feng’s figure is walking,A punch is on the blood color,Blood color figure is not moving,And Lin Feng’s figure was shocked.。
Blood color is like a bloody lightning,Reach out,His hand of blood burning,That is a Ding Huamu to cover Lin Feng in it.,Burned to the bears,Inundating Lin Feng in it。
Chapter 1139 Disabled fire
severe,The shaking sound is coming from this Ding,The figure of Lin Feng in the Ding furnace is like a devil.,His fist flashes in the stars,A punch is on the Ding furnace。See the fastest chapter(Township\village\Small\Say\net )
“Don’t resist it in vain。”
The cold sound of the cold sound:“This is the secret of my residual domain.,Burned fire,Don’t say you,It is the strong man who gods the six heavens to be burned into ashes.!”
Tongfang flames in the heart of the cold,Directly drowned Lin Feng’s figure.。
Only bombing in the Ding furnace,A boxing of a punch bombardment is on this stove。
Raw cold smile,Lying icy,Looking to Shandata,Tolsmut, etc.:“Give me a humble human antique。”
The horses of the cold rods have flocked to Tolsmu,Yamamoto Yuto, etc.,However, they did not panic。
A graceful figure falls from the sky,It is Dongfang Yin,Oriental Yin twilight sharp,She big sleeve,A devastating power storm swept,This devastating power storm is like a black water pattern.。
The people who will be drowning directly in it.。
Striked sound,These strong people who have been rushed have strong,But no matter what the gods are five heavy days.,Still, other weak people are difficult to fight against Dongfang Yin’s god attack。