“Be awkward!”

Three hoist open,The three flames were rolled out in it,These flames are blue,A kind of innocent,Loining is silent,Like the flame of the Buddha。
However, this flame is filled with a subtle texture.,These subtle textures are even if the saints cannot be perceived.,This texture is like a film of the abnormal placenta.。
“Nine flames!”
Wu Zokian,Yin,Nanming is unfaished to see this flame.,When the nine flame gods have just emerged,This breath has penetrated his body,Let them feel very favored。
They have a premonition,It will definitely become the character of the Emperor level through this nine flame god.。
“Triple small,The method of the seal don’t have to say it.!”Bloodcream。
“we know,Firem!”Yin is not awkward and the martial arts of Wuyu,They intertwined together,Glowing mysterious flame rays,The hands of the two strong people are intertwined together in the void。
Suddenly two flameless bottles have emerged,Direct out huge attraction,The two stocks nine flames are accommodated in the bottle.,Then this two bottles have disappeared in their body.。
“What firem with fire!”Nanming does not defeat,His figure gave up,Direct open mouth,A breathing,Powerful suction in the mouth,The nine flame god fired directly into his body disappeared.。
Suddenly, the unbeaten body is like a heaven and earth oven.,Then the unbeaten body transformation of Nanming is constantly,The flames in the body are directly sealed in Dantian.。
“It is worthy of the death of the godbird!”Hem,Lei Zhenhai has praised。
“All right,Triple small,This transaction has been completed,We should also leave。”Tiger’s figure walked up。
“Thank you,Thank you!”Wuyi laughing:“not only that,What do you have in the three domains in the future?,We will cover。”
“good,We will cover。”Nanming is unbeaten,Yin did not smile and said。
“in this way,Thank you,Wholly!”Lei Zhenhai,Hem,Tiger’s three strong people turned to the void, disappeared.。
Nanming is unbeaten,Yin,The figure of Wu Tengtian is also in the depths of the sky.,I don’t know how many miles away.,Anyway, it has been far from the three domains.,Their figure stops in this ridiculous void。
“Ah ha ha”Wu Zi Tian finally couldn’t help but,Yang Tian smiled。
“Ah, haha, come to the family.,Nine flames!”Nanming is unbeaten,Yin, no two big strong people are also crazy and smile。
The so-called resolved humanistic attack on the three domains,I don’t have to pay for how much cost,After all, they are the side of Lin Feng.,Sentence is not good,Lin Feng Jiu Cheng is still following their opinions,Will not attack the three domains。
Step by step,Even if the attack?Wait until the median casualties are heavy,When the human hatred,They stood out to resolve,I have not tasted it.。
Even in turn to help Lin Feng smashed the blood of the sky,Lei Zhenhai,Tiger,These have no violation of blood。
“This time earned,go,We have a hard work!”Nanming is unattainable:“Integrate our three resources,Lingbao,Torsion time。”
“it is good,I finally have the opportunity to change the emperor.!”Wu Zokian,Yin is not awkward and laughing:“This way we will be more status in the future,Trip,even”
“Ha ha,certainly!”Nanming is unfaished to think of Lin Feng’s unimaginable blood,The emergence of the hand of the fate,He is a bit amazed。
“We follow the guidance of the hand of fate,I will definitely go to the peak of the gods.。”Wu Ivia and Yin did not laugh,Three and a half-step gods are moving toward distant voids disappeared.。
Just after they disappear,Three different plays among the void,Herone is Lei Zhenhai,Hem,Tiger,The three strong people are gloomy。
“I have to come to the family?What’s the meaning?”Bloodcream:“Seeing their madness,They seem to be the same as the nine flame。”
“have no idea,I always feel that it is wrong.。”Tiger is also difficult to look:“unless.”
“Unless the family is not possible to attack us on the three domains。”Lei Zhenhai carries the touch of hands。
“Not necessarily。”Tiger whispering and blood。
“All right,Forget it,It’s like this,We can’t resent others.,I can’t get back to the nine flames now.。”Lei Zhenhai is ugly。
“Let’s go back first.。”Tiger Shu Feng and the blood Cangnam,It’s just that the laughter of the yin is always echoating in their mind.,It seems like pit it.。
Time is like this。
Whether it is the middle and three domains,Still the top three domains are calm,The family is crazy under the orientation of the Oriental Star.,Almost mobilize the whole people,And take out some collections and the surrounding big exchange。