Punch,Put on a punch,Hook,Sputum……Summer follows,Constantly fist。

What is afraid that Clev has an odor body,But the powerful power in the summer is still penetrating,A set of combined fists,How many bones do not know how to break。
only,For the pain of your body,This is a violent that Claif is ashamed and anger.。
Recently,He is confident and proud,Don’t put everyone in your eyes,睥睨 睥睨 雄,It is now like a dog.,Self-esteem is ruthless!
And he smelled the breath of death,Will it be put down by the other side,You must die。
Clev made a scream of scream,Hold the pain,“Edward rescue me……”
The middle-aged people who are watching next to rush up。
In fact, he has already been waiting for the chance to save the chiclaif.,Why do all this happens too fast,Fundamental。
Summer allowation one hundred and eighty degrees slamming,Clev flying out,A pair of eyes bloom cold light,Middle-aged person staring。
Two arms are like two long dragons constantly hitting air came from the explosion,The body of the middle-aged person is even more fast.,It’s still like transient,The whole 18 boxes bombard,The violent fist is condensed together,Form a horrific。
“Black Dragon Eighteen。”
His shot,Someone recognizes the origin,Can’t help but send out。
But everyone is even more shocking in the summer。
This time,He did not retain strength as last night.,Raise arms,Steady,Push forward with an extremely slow speed。
The most important world。
I actually passed the heavy boxing shadow,Silent violent crash all hidden attacks。
In a single excitement,Summer step forward,Wrist flip,Gently score the neck of the middle-aged。
A head flying,The body is still running forward with inertia,Raw blood, blood, blood, self-chest。
All this happens too fast,Just a hit, a middle-aged head。
And Clev is also flying in the air。
Such a scene is in the eyes of everyone,All-color。
Summer’s strong shocks everyone,Even if the snow flying eagle and the rain, people have a great doubts.。
This force,Absolutely calm。
Also in the half-air Clavi,Try to adjust the center of gravity,Then flying fast。
He didn’t expect Edward, he can’t stop it.,This makes him have a great crisis in his heart.。
Obviously feel the arrival of death。
The sound of the sound is blown in the air.,One leg in the field of view,The surrounding air is twisted blur,Turbulence,That legs are in turbulent。
Claif felt unprecedented fear,The previous battle has left a shadow in his heart.,Do your best to get your arms。
Bone voices。
His arms are broken,Screaming in half air。
Summer empty right loudspeak,In the sound of a slate,Clev was slammed into the ground。