“of course,You can also check it slowly based on his traces,It is possible to find those treasures—But definitely not worth。”Lu Ge Chaos Fairy shook his head,“Forget it,Come back to the country with me。”

At the same time,Li Ming’s avatars all sensed the disappearance of the avatar。
“Man has gone,The Lord of the Cangxue Kingdom should not send anyone to chase me,In that case。。”
The clone carrying the Qifang Chaos Spirit Liquid,Eyes bright,Still keep a low profile。
When appearing in a chaotic world half a day later,He entered the world of chaos,Then enter the cave。
“Guru Guru!”
A lot of meta-liquid tumbling,At the same time the full bottle of Chaos Essence enters,Condensed two clones for Li Ming。
Notice,Li Ming’s《Tao Wu eighteen gods and demons》,The limit is the eighteen gods and demons,Once vacant,Each clone can practice the other clones back。
but,The cost of practicing clone is too great。
Only gods and gods,Practice《Tao Wu eighteen gods and demons》The second layer will require a bottle of Chaos Essence。If it’s about energy‘the amount’,A simple third-class real fairy clone is approximately equivalent to three drops of Chaos Essence。
Li Ming’s current second soul clone is the second-class Jindanzuxian,Mana is a thousand times stronger than the third-class true fairy,This is just quality,Thousands of times more arguments。
Three million drops of Chaos Essence,Thirty thousand bottles,Thirty party?
Such a massive amount of Chaos Essence,Li Ming is naturally unable to pay。
fortunately,This is the most superficial and stupid way,《Tao Wu eighteen gods and demons》China Nature also records many powerful methods。
If you don’t care about efficiency at all,No cost to cultivate slowly—It’s a very long time。