Suddenly,Xu Meizhen’s painful exclaimed sounds outside。
Summer in the fierce battle,Continuously attacked the top ten legs,Go back。
I saw that the dagger of the enchanting woman was slid on the neck of Xu Meizhen.。
Although it is far from,But still can see her white neck left a shallow blood mark.
Summer double-catching fire,Directly!
Just when he is distracted,Sectoral youth at the same time,A moment of shooting,Summer rush to resist,But still suffering from three punches,The whole person is blown out。
Even if he can’t actively run the strength,But your own physique is extremely strong.,That three punches have not caused how serious trauma。
He got up,Mouth angle,Cold and staring at the enchanting woman。
“You let go now.,I am walking with you.。”
The enchanting woman laughed,“You certainly have to walk with us,But there is a premise,Let us interrupted your limbs first.,Otherwise,How can I rest assured?。”
In her speech,Seven eight youth masters rushed again。
“Brother……Don’t!I am not afraid of death.!”
Listening to the enchanting woman,Xu Meizhen shouted,“Don’t take me……”
“Small man!”
Not finished,The enchanting woman will take a slap in the palm。
的 脆 响。
The ear is very loud。
Xu Meizhen is directly hung by a slap,Credit red fingerprint begins to appear on delicate faces。
Deeper,Yinhong is like blood。
It’s another slap in her face.,The enchanting woman is staring at her,“Dare to say a word,I first cut your tongue first.!”
Face on the face,Xu Meizhen,But the reluctant ninja does not let the tears fall down.。
Summer although playing with people,But how can you not hear the movement over there?。
This moment。
He angered to be mad!
He ended three hits,Flying a youth,I also have a lot of vomiting blood.。
Stop,Wipe the mouth of the mouth,I laughed in the summer.。
Laughing very cruel。
He has already been burnned with blood.,It’s like demon staring at the enchanting woman.,“No matter what kind of person you are,No matter what background you have,Today,All must die!”