Liu Qingqing laughs。

Be a laughter。
Toned,Also,“Then I can understand it,Your ability is not good.,I wore a green hat by my boyfriend?”
Green……Green hat?
The audience is quiet.。
Quiet to the extreme。
Almost everyone’s face has been surprising,Stunned,Extremely intense。
If the martial arts is said,Is based on everyone does not understand him。
But Liu Qingqing is different.。
She is not only the President of the Beauty Group,More than the goddess in many young handsome dreams in Qinghai。
Ice and jade,Noble and proud is her synonym。
No one thinks,Liu Qingqing will change the style of weekday,The counterattack is so sharp。
Not completed。
At the time of the paragraph of the east of the military,Liu Qingqing continues,“Wu Shao looks also a table talent,I want to be my family’s background.,But I can’t manage my unmarried wife.,In addition to Wu Shao,I can’t think of any reason.。”
Perhaps it is a long time to stay in summer.,Liu Qingqing is clearly affected in the subtlety。
Plus her own personality actually a little belly black,This is an exclusive,Completely broke out。
Looking at the face of Wu Tuan East Iron,Liu Qingqing is like a female fry.,Nothing to stop。
His midst of her face,More and more rich。
“So,Wu Shao, you said what I want to express for a long time.?Let me lose face with Miss Yao??Hehehe,In this kind of thing,Didn’t be our woman’s face,Wu Shao wants to tell everyone,You can’t,Constraint, unmarried wife,I only came to Qinghai to complain to us.?”
No capacity……
When these words are in the Liu Qingqing mouth,The face of everyone’s face is strange。
Especially those men,Will naturally think of a certain aspect,Watching between the eyes of the eyes also become a long。
“Liu Miss!”
Confused martial arts,Already anger,I can’t help but anger。
This moment,He even regretted provocative Liu Qingqing。
But now,Can only be tough to the end。
“What to say,Miss Liu is not preparing to constrain his boyfriend.?”
He tried to control his emotions,There is no compassion between the look.,“Well,I will use my own way to handle this matter.。”
Willow Qingqing open,He slammed,“Wen,You will give me someone.!Remember,Please!”
The shadow on the right side of the martial art,Irouting a 27-year-old youth,Non-high,And thin,But a pair of eyes but bright。
See youth,Wu Tuan East wrinkled frown,“Wuqing,You also go,You go together two together。”
Sound,It is quite quite strange。
Because everyone did not see the owner of the sound。
“Liu Miss,Since you don’t constrain your boyfriend,Then I have to pay for it.。”