I remembered Mr. Hu。

Hu’s subsidiary company,Also has a pharmaceutical business!
“You should go back to the hospital……I’ll change my career!”
Fang Deyun lightly sighed。
“Dad……I can go to Mr. Hu。Maybe he can help us!”Fang Yu said。
“President Hu……This is ok!but,Really can?”
Fang Deyun looked at his son uncertainly。
In his eyes is still a child’s son,Grown up!
“Do not worry!He owes me a favor!”
Fang Yu made sure。
immediately,Left the pharmacy。
The pharmacy is also missing some medicinal materials……
Temporarily closed!
Not far away alone,Put down the telescope!
“Fangjia Pharmacy,closed!”
On the phone。
Xu Zhilin said solemnly。