Xia Jian thought of this,Suddenly a stride,Man has jumped on the bench,With the power of benches,He rises into the sky。As the saying goes, catch the thief first catch the king,He wants to clean up Sun Yao this time。

Xia Jian in the air,Like an eagle spreading its wings。And Sun Yao is like a chicken letting Xia Jian kill。But an unexpected scene happened,Just when Xia Jian reached out to grab Sun Yao’s shoulder。This guy suddenly stretched his right arm,One trick to wrap the wrist,Snap it on Xia Jian’s arm。
Xia Jian couldn’t help being surprised,But it’s too late。Sun Yao succeeded,Pull homeopathically,Power,Let Xia Jian in the air unable to cope for a while。
The expert reaches out,I know if there is。Xia Jian always thought,Sun Yao is a powerful young man,I didn’t expect this person to hide。Talking late,Then soon,Xia Jian didn’t stop it,Sun Yao was thrown out。
Fortunately, Xia Jian has a good foundation,He took advantage of the momentum to roll forward in the air,Waiting for landing,He stood on the ground with both feet。Even so,Xia Jian ran forward two small steps after landing。Xia Jian was really taken aback,He did not expect,Sun Yao’s skill is so profound。
One move,Sun Yao’s second trick has arrived。Xia Jian hurriedly turned around,Left arm first gear,Right hand beckoning tiger。It seems that he has to use some tough tricks,Otherwise, he really can’t stand it for a while。
Xia Jian’s tricks are both ruthless and quick,Three moves in a row,Sun Yao who is on the verge of retreating again and again。At this moment,Who will come with him?,Immediately surrounded Xia Jian in the middle。
Six people and twelve hands attacked Xia Jian almost simultaneously。Xia Jian worked hard,Finally seized the opportunity,Find a flaw in the opponent,Fly out with his foot,One of the men in black plopped,Then crawled on the ground。
Sun Yao was dumbfounded,He did not expect,Xia Jian’s skill is so high。A bit irritated into anger, he shouted,Don’t waste me time,Bright guy。
With Sun Yao’s call,Six men in black almost at the same time,Then it showed a bright little knife。The winter sun shines on the blade,Gave out a dazzling light。
Xia Jian is also a mortal。Although his martial arts is strong,But it does not mean invulnerable。Xia Jian didn’t dare to attack rashly,The circle surrounding him is getting smaller and smaller。
“Xia Jian!Junjie,If you promise not to deal with Qin Xiaomin from now on,I will let you go today,Otherwise today next year,Is your anniversary“Sun Yao threatened Xia Jian loudly。
Anyway,He Xia Jian is also a resounding man,How can you easily surrender to others。But he does not surrender,These people are getting closer,He’s going to be over。
Xia Jian thought,Death day,I fought with them。Thought of here,Xia Jian stretched out his hand to untie the dart bag on his waist,This is his winning weapon。When his finger touched the hero,,Suddenly there was a loud shout:“Don’t move,Raise your hand“