Cheerful voice,A few high-ranked sounds,Three women coma in bed,Three middle-aged monk showed satisfactory color。
These three monks from the lama from the Western region。
The first lama is obese,Face with evil smile,This person is named,The second lama is medium,Obesity,With solemn color,This lama name is the law,The third lama face with a knife,There is a kind of fierce,This person is famous as law!
Three monk is the big 佬 密 密,Duzong in Western Region is responsible for money,After all, I have to eat.,I have to spend money.,They practice some scarce medicinal materials,Where is the medicinal??Take money to buy,Practice is also burning money。
Before the opening of the moon lake jewelry processing sales,They have clearly collected this,When they open them, they will find the door to sell the Buddha statue.。
“Really Shuang,The woman here is really delicate,Another flavor。”Look on the face:“I really want to live here for a few days.,Have a pain!”
“Amitabha,Teacher, you can’t add a female color。”The law is high as a Buddha number,The evil color on the face disappeared,Instead, it is a solemn brief.:“To avoid delaying practice,Remember。”
NS199chapter Airplane fell
“Yes,Brother!”The law is heard, and the look is solemn.:“Amitabha,My Buddha compassion,I am just a trip.。”
“My Buddha compassion,I am not in hell,Who enters hell。”Law, look, solemn:“We continue to cross。”
The figure of the law is going out,Come to the sofa of the living room,Pointed a full body,Beautiful charming woman。
“Amitabha,I am not in hell,Who enters hell。”Law,The legs of the law are also revealing the evil smile,The two of the two people have come to the living room.。
A new battle。
Dim,At 8 o’clock in the morning,Law,Law,Triass three people wear clothes,Satisfied color on each face。
Just homoked the sound of the door。
The figure of the law is gone,open the door,Outside the night is lonely,Heavenly President,Mu Jun Wang,Cheng Tianlong,Liu Wei five people’s figure,When Liu Wei saw the woman in the house in the house,Her face reveals a cold meaning。
“Amitabha。”Look on the face of the law:“Five donkeys,Do you come to sign a contract??”
“good,Three masters,We are to sign a contract。”The night is alone, I’m going to look down on the look.。
“Law,Take a contract!”French road。
“I have already prepared it.。”Fa River smiles,He turned around between the tea and took three contracts to handed the law.。
The law handed the contract to Liu Wei,Liu Wei stared at the contract.,After anger:“How is this going?How is the price of fragrant??”
It turned out that yesterday is good yesterday.75fold,Fragrant price is10Yuan one,But now the price of fragrance has increased.,Rising18Yuan one。
This way,Even if the price of each fragrance is also expensive than original,Yes135Yuan,Buy more every year18Yiduo’s fragrance。
This is calculated from the long run,It is better than the original program.。
“Amitabha,This is not blamed.,The price bureau on the side of the Zokkai District has already called us,Said that we are below the price of the price,We also have no price increase.,Although we are practitioners,But can’t violate national laws。”Law, look, solemn。
This sentence is similar to the ghosts.,Ghost。
“Grandmaster,Family is compassionate,It is not easy for us to do business.。”Night is alone。
“My Buddha compassion,Many of the people of thousands of worlds,It is because I am sad.,We barely receive a cost price,Several donor,Don’t take price,To avoid。”Fa joy is solemn,Big sleeve。
“Although Xiaoshu is learning,But to maintain my Buddha dignity。”The figure of the law is gone,His face with solemn colors,In the tone, it has a threat to the color。
“you……”Mu Jun Wang,The President of Tiannan and so on just wants to put these three monks.。
Liu Wei is a silver teeth,Her suite is tight。
Law,Flaint,The Fahuan three lamas has a smile with grief and pity.,They are just like Buddha statues there.,It seems to wait for Liu Wei to return。
“I can’t do this. I can’t do the master.。”Liu Wei strongly angry,She turned and went out to pick up the phone.,She is really nothing.。
Can only call Lin Feng。
In an instant call, Lin Feng’s voice came.:“姨,whats the matter?”
“Maple,Vague price,18Yuan one,Finishing135Yuan。”Liu Wei explained。
“price goes up?it is good,Give them,signing the contract。”Lin Feng’s voice seems to suppress anger,His voice is a bit low。
“Ok。”Liu Wei nodded,I immediately hang up the phone。