There was a rustling sound of branches and leaves brought up by the clothes,Zhao Dabao knew someone was searching。

Squatting in the tree before being a monkey,Zhao Dabao has observed the late opening position,Is among the four major disciples,500 meters from where I am now。
Distance of five hundred meters,Even if the master of Ming Jin Consummation flies with all his strength,It takes ten seconds。
Ten seconds,Solve a master of inner strength,I didn’t hold it。Even if I can’t show my inner strength,Can also do it。
White clothes fluttering like a flat boat,If you are absolutely personable during the day。But in the dark,Becomes a dazzling target。
When the disciple in white just searched for the big tree where Zhao Dabao was squatting,A group of black shadows suddenly fell。
In the process of falling,The black shadow opens its edge like a folding knife,Both palms smashed the white disciple’s head with Ling Ligang wind。
you can say so,When the four major disciples of Chunrantang started searching,My heart touches my throat。
Not nervous,Now I’m looking for a master of Ming Jin Consummation。
Even if the elder said that this person can only maintain the strength of the martial artist,But in case this guy loses his heart and makes a full blow,Wouldn’t it be done right away。
So when Zhao Dabao fell like a deep sea anchor,I haven’t opened my palms yet,The disciple in white under the tree leaped back like a scared rabbit。
While fleeing,Left hand,“bell”A scream of,Ring the arrow。
See the rapid response‘Big white rabbit’,Zhao Dabao sipped his teeth with a headache,This guy runs too fast,Don’t say you want to maintain your internal strength,Is to improve to perfect inner strength,At this time, it might not hit this big white rabbit。