“Yoha,Director Chen couldn’t bear it。OK,I don’t need to go upstairs,come,You came upstairs carrying a big box。”

Talking,Zhao Dabao raised his shoulders,I want to throw the big box of camphor wood on Chen Kun。
This sudden movement,But Chen Kun was shocked。
I rely on,Such a heavy camphor wood box,Skim down from the one and a half meters high steps,What a heavy weight?Don’t talk about me,Even the physical education teacher can’t catch it here。
If this hit me all at once,ItmYou can’t break bones and tendons。
It’s just a preparatory move by Zhao Dabao,But Chen Kun was so scared,Can be more than three meters away,A staggered almost sitting on the ground。
be honest,Chen Kun’s jump,Completely broke his previous sports long jump performance。
have to say,Human potential is unlimited,Especially in the face of danger、When threatened,The development of potential is even greater。
Watching Chen Kun’s quick reaction long jump,Zhao Dabao curled his lips and said:
“Director Chen,Good long jump results,Can jump so far in one step?Tell you,rest assured,Won’t throw it to you,Look at your bunny gall,How can I be a university teacher?”
This joke,Make Chen Kun’s face flush again,mof,What happened today?First, I was stunned by a fat woman,Then I was laughed at by the porter。mof,Are you a migrant worker??alsotmWhat is the bunny gall?Is there a rabbit my size?
Moreover,What does courage have to do with being a university teacher?HavetmThe rabbit who is a college teacher??
How about Zhao Dabao’s amazing ability to run sideways?,A few jokes,Actually took a deputy director of the Economics and Management Department of Tianjin University,I was entangled with the rabbit。
At this time, the fat aunt of the female dormitory manager is happy,Looking at Zhao Dabao with a smile on his face,More comfortable,More satisfied。
Fat aunt looks satisfied with Zhao Dabao、Comfort comes from,Because the fat aunt’s husband is a manual worker,It’s very similar to the porter carrying the goods,Is an ordinary worker riding a tricycle。
Pedal tricycle,Not much easier than being a porter,All eat physically。