After a brief introduction,Zhao Dabao followed the man in the suit to the corner of the coffee bar。

Casual coffee bar in the service area,Not many people,In twos and threes in a huge space。
Like this casual coffee bar in the service area,In addition to coffee and other drinks,Also provide some light meals,A bit like McDonald’s in a big city、KFC。
When walking to the high-backed chair in the corner,Zhao Dabao was taken aback。
I saw a glamorous beauty sitting at the table with her back to the door。
Because it is facing the coffee bar door,The front is the side of the wall facing the corner,Zhao Dabao hasn’t seated yet,I clearly saw this big beauty。
Face like a lily、Slim body,Long hair draped in a vest,Hold it gently with a pink ribbon。A white dress,Brilliantly glowing in the fresh sunshine,I just felt that there seemed to be a light haze behind her,Like a fairy falling on the earth。
suddenly,Zhao Dabao is full of inspiration——The beauty of this woman,It’s a deep understanding,Bird sees flying high!
The beauty in white sees Zhao Dabao with a dazed look,Time for inner beauty,Can’t help but feel a little proud。
I’m so naturally beautiful,Any man can’t help being in a daze when he sees himself。
It’s just that this white lady thinks too much,Want to go wrong。
Zhao Dabao is in a daze at this time,Not completely fascinated by beauty,But there is some trance,what,Why is this beauty a little familiar??
While Zhao Dabao is thinking,The man in the suit was very literary and introduced to both parties:
“cousin,This gentleman’s name is Zhao Dabao。Mr. Zhao,This is my cousin,Also from Deyi Performing Arts Company···”
As soon as I heard the word acting,Zhao Dabao suddenly realized it,Isn’t this beauty a big star on TV the previous two days??
“what,I remember,you、you、You are not a big star,call···What is coming?Ugh,Look at my stinky head,The name is almost here,But I can’t remember···”
Seeing Zhao Dabao’s face suddenly realized,The man in the suit smiled slightly at the beauty in white,meaning is——Look,superstar,Is your fan again。