Chapter 63 The Pirate King
Shangshu Xiang Zhong of the Ministry of War, upon seeing this, punished the archivist,Liu Daxia, who was by the side, said:“Three guarantees to the west cost tens of millions,Soldiers and civilians die,Go back,Yu Guo He Yi!This special policy,The Minister’s Admonishment。The old case exists,Should also be braised to uproot,Why should it be investigated?!“
So-called“Should also be braised to uproot”,Should be burned,To sever the emperor’s idea of going to the West。then,Emperor Chenghua wants to imitate Ming Chengzu Zhu Di,So let the Ministry of War find information,Prepare to go to the west。however,Liu Daxia thinks that going to the West will cost a lot of money,Yu Guowuyi,So just“Ruined”This information。
In addition, Jiajing Twenty Years Jinshi、Notes written by Lu Shusheng of the Minister You Shilang of the Official Ministry《Changshui Risho》Similar content is also recorded in,See how different officials of the same dynasty dared to point to the Western Ocean for“敝政”,Because it didn’t get a penny,Instead, I hollowed out myself because of the act of throwing coins。
In the final analysis,It is because Zheng He’s voyages lack clear and practical strategic objective selection and actual benefit consideration。
Zheng He’s voyages to the West, reciprocate and give gifts everywhere,“Give it to grade,It’s not too thick”,In fact, it is Ming Chengzu’s emperor’s vanity mentality and great joyful personality,The consequence is huge cost,Hard work,Less profit;Send out more,Take back less,Did not bring enough practical benefits to the Ming Dynasty,But it caused a huge waste of materials,Led to the emptiness of the treasury。
Thick to thin,After all, it is royal diplomacy,Not to mention the limited effectiveness of safeguarding the country’s actual interests,According to later generations,Is to hollow out Daming’s national strength,Self-inflicted martial arts。
this method,Not only is it obvious lack of consideration of practical interests,Or a misjudgment of the strategic environment,To know the Ming Dynasty at this time,The main threat does not come from the sea,But from the North Yuan in the north and the Timur Empire in the west。
“So to say,Isn’t Zheng He’s voyages worthless??”
Yang Pingfan listened to Su Yu’s analysis,Look at the three giants in the fleet,The expression in his eyes is full of the meaning of a coin thrower。
“According to the viewpoint of modern international relations,you can say so。But now we two are here,That’s different。”
Su Yu,Laughed gloomily,That smile reminded Yang Pingfan of Granny Wolf,I feel all goose bumps。
During the dinner, a Chinese leader whispered to Zheng He,Yang Pingfan recognizes Shi Jinqing,Before joining Zheng He with King Boni,The emcee introduced。
Zheng He told Shi Jinqing to retreat,After the banquet broke up, Yang Su、Yao Guangxiao、Wang Jinghong, please go to the rear cabin,Said Shi Jinqing’s report。
It turned out to be the pirate Chen Zuyi who was entrenched in Nanyang,Ready to surrender,Take the opportunity to raid the fleet,Zheng He asked you what your plan is。
High-level discussions,A unified point of view is to do everything,Set up an ambush,Lure Chen Zuyi in,Catch it all,Zheng He and Yao Guangxiao are both ruthless characters who participated in the battle of Jingnan,Wang Jinghong is also a military attache,Their ideas are impeccable,Yang Pingfan doesn’t understand the inside story,I can only nod seriously,But Su Yu stepped on,Looking back, she was winking wildly at herself,Fingers scratched a few words in his palm。
“Cough,Your strategy is very good,But this will inevitably cause a lot of killings,This will(Yang Pingfan claimed to be the clairvoyant general who sat down with Mazu,So I call myself the general)There is a trick,You can kill you,Let Chen Zuyi take Jing to come to plead。”
As soon as this word comes out,Everyone is shocked,Asking the fairy what to do,Yang Pingfan pretended to be unpredictable,Just say that the secrets cannot be revealed,Let them wait for good news。