The demigod led people to spread the search in the forest,They are playing carpet search,Search in groups of three,The dense crowd immediately formed a long winding line,Step by step,Comb the forest like a comb。

Watching them move forward,The boss laughed softly:“These fools are so stupid,Actually send a reaper out to find us,So many people come out to make trouble,When will this be searched?!”
Finished saying this,Big guy beckoned to me:“Let’s go quickly,Wait for this stupidBSlowly。”
Use grass blades to cover,Our cat keeps sneaking,I quickly separated from the searchers behind,Thinking of what the boss said just now,I feel even more upset:“Gangster,Why didn’t the elders go out himself?But let these rookies come out to catch us?”
The boss whispered:“I don’t know this,But I guess there must be something wrong with the sacred tree,So the elders are trapped and can’t leave。”
“Then do you think something happened to the tree god?”
I can’t help but ask again,At this time we passed a large broad-leaved grass,The fat leaves rustle over our heads,The fresh air is refreshing。
I haven’t smelled such fresh air for a long time,And since the quality of ice and fire,I feel my sense of smell is much sharper than before。
“Who knows?Anyway, strange things often happen on this island,Hey,Although I have lived here for many years,But many things have never been understood。”The boss sighed when he said this。
At this time we are far away from the search team,No need to hide,So we directly drilled out the vegetation and walked in the forest,The forest is very large and dense,Walked for a long time,The giant tree roots are faintly tumbling up above the forest,Like a giant dragon。
Immersed in the mist in the forest,The giant tree roots look majestic,Amazed,I remember seeing the giant roots of the sacred tree on the way to the transformation tower,It seems we are not far from the road。
Although the big guy looks like a wild man with his hair and beard,But his actions are very vigorous,Doesn’t look like an old man at all,In fact, his face looks only about forty,I heard him say that he was studying at Qianqing University,He seems to be one of the old monsters!It is estimated that he also has the power of immortality!
“Gangster,You said you were from Shanghai before,Said it was a university graduated from the Qing Dynasty,I want to ask you,How old are you now?”