Feel Zhao Xiaoying’s eager gaze,Zhao Dabao gave Xiaoying a comforting smile,Mean everything has me。

Zhao Dabao was also pondering while listening to Zhang Ge’s narration,In terms of the current folk customs of Daxia Country,Although not as simple as the 70s,But overall it’s pretty good,This kind of gratitude and revenge rarely happen。
As a long-standing Daxia nation,Friendship、Morality has always been a beautiful character highly respected by the Daxia nation,And always uphold。
But we can’t deny the special circumstances that every bird has when the forest grows.。
Especially since the Mainland has been revitalized and opened up,Foreign thoughts,Foreign values are influencing the existing people’s traditional ideas.,special、A lot of weird things that rarely happened before have also happened。
Helping the unconscious old man like Brother Zhang,Finally counter-framed、Blackmail happens from time to time。
It’s just that this kind of thing didn’t happen to me,No one cares much。Even if it is advertised online,That is to comment and condemn,Typing on the keyboard。
But from now on,This wind should not rise、Not rise,Especially in the critical sprint stage of the re-emergence of Great Xia Kingdom。
Relief in danger,But he was framed as the perpetrator and blackmailed,Seems like a small thing,But if it’s not handled properly,Will cause considerable social chain effects。
Help in case of danger,
It was a chivalrous act,If this is put in ancient times,That’s the hero、Heroic action。
And this chivalry、Heroic move,Today’s Xia Guo has become a troublesome upper body。If this is used by some people abroad、Spread,Will greatly damage the traditional feelings of the people of Xia。
And even develop into distress,Everyone is watching and watching,The most limited energy is taking pictures、Video recording,Then send it to Moments。
Until then,The beautiful folk customs of Daxia Kingdom that have been passed down for thousands of years will disappear,Why talk about other ambitious goals。
Qianzhangzhidi,Collapse with ants’ den;Room of Hundred Chi,Burning with crevice smoke。
A seemingly small thing,If you don’t take appropriate response,It’s easy to happen。
Although Zhao Dabao is a cultivator of celestial stars,,But the body in this life is an original citizen of the Great Xia Kingdom on Earth。
Since becoming a citizen of Daxia Country,It is also right to contribute to Daxia Country。