mof,At the beginning of the party,Vermillion ignores me。mof,I admit,After all, Zhu Hong, the little girl, wants capital,Have capital;Look,Have looks!

but now,youtmOf a farmer,Just an ordinary farmer!
Although he is a farmer who grows medicine,But in the end it is also a farmer!
youtmWhat qualifications do you have to despise me?What right do you have to ignore me?
ItmIs also a rich man,Oh,wrong,Haven’t taken over yet。
Even if not taking over,But I am also a rich second generation,And is the most powerful and rich second generation in the You family。
Moreover,young and promising、Young and more gold、Young and strong、Young and strong,Ok,What else,year、、、、、year、、、、、What’s the year?
No matter what the year is anyway,Just show metmVery powerful、Very good breaking、Very awesome。
I’m so good、Awesome、The cow broke,youtmOf this farmer,What right do you have to look down on me?
Actually returnedtmIgnore me,Yes(uncle)Tolerable(aunt)Unbearable!
Thought of here,You Baichuan shouted angrily:
“Zhao Dabao,Why don’t you farmer answer me?”
Facing You Baichuan’s Questions and Rage,Zhao Dabao is a bit speechless。
Do i know this fool?Do I have any grudges against this fool?Why do you slap me when you come up