But I met the monk,The tip of the hand is shaking slightly,The internal energy in the veins of the whole body is surging,Twelve minutes of internal energy is poured into the golden bell from the fingertips。

no way,In the battle between Yin Qi and Dharma White Pearl,Under normal circumstances,Is to exert inner strength in the white beads of Dharma,Only then can the full power of the Dharma White Pearl be exerted。
But knowing the monk is only half a step,Even the level of the inner strength warrior has not reached,Don’t talk about internal strength and external release,It’s impossible to directly apply internal energy to the Dharma beads。
Only through the golden bell as a medium,In order to transform the inner strength to the Dharma white beads。
Just such an indirect conversion,Reduce the power of Dharma White Pearl by at least three layers。
Inner strength transformed through the golden bell,Like a powerful bullet rushing into the white beads of Dharma,Drive Bai Zhu down suddenly,Instantly rushed into the Baihui acupoint blocked by black gas。
While the Dharma White Pearl rushed in,A black air was fleeting on Madame Zhu’s white clean face。
Blurring,This black air turns into silk,Connected,Formed a mask-like black net。
When the mask black net is formed,The original face with good eyebrows turned into a terrifying grimace。
Bulging eyes,A kind of hissing speech in the Zhufu population:
“Where is the nosy monk?Dare to interrupt my little master’s rest。”
Talking room,Mrs. Zhu’s original bright and clear black and white eyes,Turned into a pair of black pupils thicker than ink,Flashed a kind of murderous fierceness。
See the hideous face,Hear hissing words,Knowing the monk’s heart suddenly,broken,What a half-step ghost is this,This is a real ghost。
Whether it is Yin Qi Dacheng,Still half-step ghost,Are still in a state of ignorance,Although threatened,But the threat is not big。
Under the ignorant state,The half-step ghost attack basically relies on its own instinct。
It’s like a hungry wolf eating meat、Wu
Crow eats like food,Completely out of one’s own needs,Unconscious command。
Once conscious,That’s different。