Before coming to the sand table,Wu Weiguang, the deputy sales manager, did not introduce the multi-storey houses around the sand table.,But directly introduce the dozens of three-story villas in the center。

He is a stubborn migrant worker who wants to suffocate this wicked god-stick。
Didn’t you pretend to buy a house??it is good,I will introduce the villa directly,See what you do?
If you say you don’t want to buy a villa,Want to see a bungalow for other reasons,I’ll tell you that the bungalow is basically booked,The rest is not so good。
One sentence,I will put you in the villa area,See how you pretend?
Wu Weiguang pointed to a small villa in the sand table and introduced:
“Bao Ye,Did you see Villa Seventeen??This is the villa promoted by our Star City Lord,Good layout,Good lighting,With a small garden。Hold a cocktail party in the garden in summer,Burn it or something,Don’t say so much。”
Watching the introduction of the deputy sales manager,The surrounding audience was a little surprised。
Villa Seventeen,Although it is small in the entire villa group、Slightly lower price,But it’s also four or five million。
Judging from the appearance of this migrant worker brother,Hundreds of thousands of multi-storey houses may not be able to afford,Wu Weiguang introduced four to five million villas at once,He Juxin?
Is this migrant worker brother a big money?
impossible,If it’s big money,Definitely not so shaped。