In the meeting hall of Tiger Roar Villa,Five tables have been set up。

The rules and regulations of the Great Xia Kingdom are from ancient times,Follow the old admonitions for one person, one table。
Of course,This old rule,It no longer exists among ordinary characters。
Only in the banquet of a city leader like Xiashan Tiger Lengzong,And when banqueting important people,Would put on such an occasion。
Naturally,Zhao Dabao is at the top,The bosses of the four cities each accompany each other。
It can be seen from the position of the wine table,Yichun、Mark、Sui、The four cities are vaguely divided into two factions。
Wu Da in Sui City and Qi Ba in Daguan City,Two tables adjacent;Lengzong of Yichun City and Nalin of Huashi,Two similar。
This is definitely not aimless,But the actual situation。
Among the seven cities in Jiangbei,The four strongest cities are Yichun、Mark、Sui、Four cities。
you can say so,As long as Yichun、Mark、Sui、Ranking of the four cities,Determine the division of power,The rest of Yi’an、Zhaoyuan、The three cities of Zhaoqing can only obey orders。
Before the banquet,Leng Zong, Xiashan Tiger, as the owner, said with an ice face and unsmiling:
“Everybody,Today is a feast to welcome Mr. Zhao,Also welcome、Transform、The leading brother of Daguan three cities。According to the convention,Please send someone to inspect the food、Drinks。”
This kind of drug test,Is the first procedure in the ancient banquet。
Although they are the leaders in the city,Are big people with a head and a face,Who can guarantee not to poison the banquet??
Especially this kind of banquet before the North Seven City Power Division Conference,Follow the ancient precedent。
This is different from ordinary banquets,To follow the rules one by one。
As a banqueted sui、Mark、The three bosses of Huashi,You are not at all polite,Have sent poison masters to test。
Of course,Zhao Dabao’s table was inspected by Wu Da。