Pretend,mof,I just pretend to be big,Let the ghosts of the underworld take a look,Look at me, my belly hit the wooden fish。

Thought of here,I was a little lonely pretending to be thunderous,It’s actually much better。
Self-happy,I’m a little self-affirmed for the decision I made,I’m sure I’m pretending to be too correct。
If not forcing,Can you meet the rare opportunity of hitting a Buddhist artifact with a ghost belly??
but,Thoughts are full,Reality is skinny。
Haven’t waited for the giant ghost to enjoy the cheers of the colleagues,The cannonball-like wooden fish pierced the giant ghost’s belly。
A belly with countless yin forces,The wall-like belly of the giant ghost,Insert it like a knife cutting butter。
Pain from a ruptured belly,It is not comparable to the pain in the thumb-sized wound made by Muyu Baiguang。
It’s like a person being pierced by a needle,Was stabbed again by a sharp knife,Can the pain be the same?
Looking at the gigantic ghost grinning,Zhao Dabao, who hides in the corner watching the excitement,This giant ghost pretends to be a bit pretended,youtmNot that level,Pretend。
For ghosts,Zhao Dabao can’t understand it anymore。
ghost,In the enemy,The most common form is the presence of light gas。
This kind of gas can exert the power of ghosts infinitely,Gas can be big or small,Can be assembled or dispersed,Means of attack、Evasion moves are extremely versatile。
As for the giant ghost condensed into entities,The biggest advantage is to pretend。
It wants to be visually,Put unlimited pressure on the opponent。
Except scary、deterrence,Few other features。
Of course,I can’t say nothing。In a solid state,The power of ghosts will be maximized。