“Bao Ye,Hope you can keep your promise。”

Zhao Dabao saw two treasures flying over,Didn’t watch how he moved,One move,The two babies are already in the hands。
After receiving the two treasures,Zhao Dabao moved his left hand,Yin Qi Baizhu flies to Huahua。
“Hua Hua,Prior inspection,See how well?”
As soon as this remark comes out,Looking at the old white horse, his face turned white,Red again,“Uh”The sound of,A trace of blood flows down the corner of the mouth。
Ugh,A dignified master Ming Jin ghost who has practiced for a century,Zhao Dabao vomited blood。
Can’t help but vomit blood,Zhao Dabao is so irritating,alsotmWhat prior inspection,What goods to inspect?
My two treasures,You haven’t seen it,alsotmWhat?Isn’t this mad at me??
I took a look at my face pale,The old white horse with blood,Zhao Dabao’s Uncontrollable Way:
“cut,White horse,Your cultivation is too bad,I vomited blood in a few words。As for,Didn’t I just mean the inspection?,Is this wrong?I am treating you、I’m responsible for that.,You said,Is this the reason??”
“Yes,Yes,It’s Baoye who said this,Baoye is right,Bao Ye,I beg you to inspect the goods quickly!”
These two sentences are more than twenty words,Almost a word、One word popped out of the white horse old ghost’s mouth,One word is worth,too heavy、Too heavy,It’s too representative of the mood of the old white horse。
Regarding the situation where the old ghost of the white horse is so depressed to vomit blood at this time,It didn’t affect Zhao Dabao’s happy mood at all。
Because at this moment,Zhao Dabao can no longer use surprises to describe his mood,It’s almost ecstatic。
Only then did he discover,This colorful jade turned out to be a spiritual stone。
Lingshi,A strange stone born from heaven and earth,There is a lot of aura inside,It can be said that the world is rare。
Reiki,It is the iconic mana that is produced in the body when the practitioner reaches the level of innate qi training,Can move mountains、Thousand Miles Flying Fairy,Has great power。