Speaking of here,The agent took a deep look at Zhao Dabao in summer.,Meaningful!

Zhao Dabao’s understanding of himself,Is it better than summer、Toria??
I took a look at the deep eyes of summer,Zhao Dabao slapped his forehead:
“Xia Ge,What you said is insignificant,Does it mean something long like me?”
Listening to Zhao Dabao’s deep understanding,Xia Xia patted Zhao Dabao on the shoulder with encouragement.:
“Dabao,You work hard,not bad。”
When I heard the words of encouragement in summer,Zhao Dabao still feels shameless——
what,I look pretty good?Didn’t you hear what Brother Xia said?,I work hard and it’s good,This shows that I am not trivial。
It’s just that I haven’t waited for Zhao Dabao to be so sweet and beautiful,The big star Toria snorted with a deep meaning behind him,Its meaning、Its meaning、Its implication,Zhao Dabao immediately understood。
This guy suddenly became a little dejected.:
“Miss Dong,Xia Ge,I’ll get the car,You guys wait here for a while。”
Then this guy who got hit,Head drooped、Walked to the luxury Mercedes Benz business car。
Looking at Zhao Dabao, it was a little low、Xiao Suo’s back,The agent gave a deep look at the star Toria in summer,Means cousin,Don’t be so good、Sting,After all, Dabao is also your full-time driver。
Reminder to cousin,The big star’s slightly curled nose,A pair of bright eyes flickering and flickering,A faint smile。
Black luxury mercedes business,6seat,With TV。