The big stars are moved like this,I don’t think of her as a friend,I’m too unhuman。Zhao Dabao thought so in his heart。

Seeing Zhao Dabao’s sincere attitude,Superstar Toria’s heart moved——what,Dabao lacks money,But I am not short of money。
As a big star in the show business,Donglia is worth hundreds of millions。
At this moment, Toria’s heart is full of sadness and touch,Look how pitiful Dabao is,Dressed like that since childhood。When I grow up,In order to make more money,Are so stingy,Shouldn’t I as a friend help??
friend,What is a friend?
An ancient saint once asked his disciple:“Shigeyan Erzhi?”
The disciple of the saint at that time, Lu said:“May the carriages and horses be light,With friends,No regrets。
What this sentence means——
The great sage asked:“Why not talk about your ambitions?”
Sub road,The disciple of the great saint replied:“I am willing to put my chariot clothes,Use with friends,No resentment even if it is worn out。”
Look at the ancient people can do this,My Toria can’t compare to the ancients?
Moreover,Money is a problem for Dabao,for me,Is the problem?
Thought of here,Da Ming Dong Liya has a sincere expression on her face:
“Dabao,Since you consider me a friend。such,I have a card,You take it first,Send some money to your family to improve your life。Or just buy something you can use and mail it home,It’s also a little bit of my friend。”
Big beauty is afraid that Zhao Dabao will think more,So when handing him the bank card,Sincere face,Sincerity between the eyebrows,One more explanation: