An acquired real person came to hit the place,How to resist a martial artist with great inner strength?

Even if all the forces of Juyuan Casino are brought together,Can’t stop a finger of the acquired real person。
Only one now“endure”word,Only forbearance,Only forbearance,To solve the problem before。
As the saying goes,Stay in the green hills,Not afraid of no firewood,We have taken down this grudge,It must be a hundred times later、A thousand times to find a place。
Thought of here,Su Yi took a deep breath:
“Bao Ye,You speak,How can we bet on winning or losing?”
Looking at the crimson dwarf Su Yi,Zhao Dabao couldn’t help crying out in his heart——So bearable guy!
Admire,But the money has to be paid,Otherwise, my pinnacle of the two worlds is not in vain?
Say again,The purpose of my coming is to walk for the heavens,Although you don’t give me a reason,But I won your casino almost,Don’t you just walk for the sky??
As for how to use the money after walking for the sky?
Cough,talk about it later,talk about it later。
Since I want to take money from Juyuan Casino,Zhao Dabao is not going to pretend to be a saint anymore,Holding money is holding money,No reason。
Someone once said that we should not forget our original intention,What was the original intention of coming to Juyuan Casino this time??
Of course it was a robbery!
Oh,wrong,Of course it’s here to help the sky、Win money consumption。
Thought of here,Zhao Dabao waved his hand nonchalantly: