joke,That dare to say without conscience,The appearance fee is not worth it?

This is not something you dare to dare,But the rich man who paid out the appearance fee can’t say it’s worthless without his conscience。
The rich people present have reached a consensus,Only center around Zhao Dazhen,Work together、Economic construction of the two cities、Make a contribution to the construction of spiritual civilization!
It can be said,Sui、The rich people in the two cities meet in a harmonious、Forge ahead、Under positive emotions,Successfully ended。
And under Zhao Dazhen’s smile,,Everyone has various emotions。wrong,Not emotions,But with all kinds of exciting、positive、Happy mood left the log courtyard,Leaving the Galaxy Resort。
Many rich people,With all kinds of exciting、positive、Happy emotions once again set foot on their respective jobs,Sui、Two cities,fortprovince,Contribute all your strength to the Great Xia Country。
Of course,That huge appearance fee,Don’t bother Zhao Dabao,After you run Baichuan and the other four,Early completion。
As for how to allocate this huge appearance fee,Don’t worry about Zhao Dabao。
Master Jian Yi adopts an attitude of absolute disciple of the younger generation,Resolutely reject、Rejected the appearance fee,Even strong expressions,As the elder Zhao Zhenren forces him to accept the appearance fee,He just played and disappeared。
Hey,Have no idea,Forced to collect money,I can’t push it out!This is the biggest sigh after Zhao Dabao’s party!
Chapter One Hundred Sixty Seven Refining
After returning to Hongxing Community,Zhao Dabao is alone in the room,Take out the yin and yang ball that is on the verge of being scrapped from the storage bracelet。
Look at this magical artifact in the eyes of outsiders,Zhao Dabao’s heart was hot。
This yin and yang ball is a magic weapon,This is a magic weapon。