Ok,It’s still possible。

Underworld Overlord,At least it must be the existence of the overlord of the provincial level。otherwise,The town can’t live with Wu Bushou who is comparable to the boss of the secret road in Sui City。
No matter what kind of hypothesis,This pretending young man is not something we onlookers can provoke。
Thought of here,The original contempt of wearing glasses,Has disappeared without a trace。
His only hope now,This pretends to force the young man not to miss him,otherwise,With his small body,Wanduo pear blossoms that must be crushed。
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty One It turned out to be Fatty Wu
The car owner with glasses now looks at Zhao Dabao,With a touch of contempt、Faint fear,Turned into a kind of longing and despair of looking up at the dragon。
Longing for,Why is this superior person not him?
Desperate,The distance between him and this tall young man,Is so out of reach。
He and him now,Just like the distance between heaven and earth,Although there are mutual eyesight,But the other party’s eyes don’t seem to see him anymore。
Think about it this way,One is like a dragon from nine days away;
One is the ant that is as small as the ground,Even though the sun from the dragon occasionally casts onto the ground,Can Shenlong notice this little ant??
in contrast,The small ants on this ground cannot be smaller,Looking up at the sky, the holy dragon,What’s the fear、Contempt?