Although Zhao Dabao is a cultivator,But in the end

Is a man,And a young man in his early twenties,Lianxiangxiyu is of course its essential content。
Especially just now and Zhu Hong had some inexplicable eye contact,No matter what the reason is to make Vermilion pay attention to herself,But one thing is certain:Zhu Hong, this beautiful beauty, has a considerable affection for herself。
Out of this consideration,And the meaning of appreciation in the heart,Zhao Dabao’s finger gently moved。
A little white starlight,Aurora like Antarctica,Flashes from the vermilion eyebrows。
In an instant,Originally panicked,Like the warm summer sun,It calmed down immediately like a white jade。
Vermilion under the Calm,Looking at the situation on the court in amazement。
When in panic,Her heart seemed to be gripped by a demon hand。
Panic、Fear、trembling、despair,And so on.,Like falling into the abyss、A thousand miles of hellish fear。
And at this moment, the mood turns calm,Make Vermilion scan the audience sharply。
As the daughter of the richest man in Sui City、As a singer who works hard in the complicated environment of the entertainment industry,The mental quality is still extremely stable、powerful。
Just now, under the deliberate spirit of Jian Yizheng,Vermilion as an ordinary person,Inevitably fall into that horrible atmosphere,With her observation、Thinking is stagnant。
But after turning the crisis into safety,Her powerful observational energy is back。
Glance around,Zhu Hong clearly grasped the situation of the audience。
The first thing she observed was her father Zhu Baiyi。
I saw a look of fear on my father’s face,Although his face is slightly pale,But still calm。
It can be said,Among everyone on the field,Father Zhu Baiyi’s face is still normal。
Contrast with Fei Fucai next to it,His face is much better than his father’s face。
But how to observe,I always feel that Fei Fucai shows a touch of fear,Is a pre-knowledge fear。
how to say?It’s as if Jian Yizheng was performing the devil and exorcism that he knew in advance。