Left hand lightly,A vaguely white palm,In Unreal, it has been fanned to the right face of Dagui Baonian。

Haven’t waited for the big ghost Bao Nian to respond,“Snapped”A crisp sound,The sturdy body of the big ghost has been pulled out,Tumbled to the side of a rockery。
“Inwardly and outwardly!”
Two ghosts、The three ghosts shouted in horror at the same time。
“A mere half-step inner strength warrior,Dare to question me face to face,Who gave you the courage?”
Faint、But full of majestic words hovering in the sky above the Sha’s mansion,Immediately, Zhao Dabao turned his eyes to the two ghosts who were still in shock、Sangui。
Heard this question,Two ghosts、The three ghosts quickly lowered their heads in fear,I don’t dare to look at Zhao Dabao anymore。
Master Cultivator,Top figures in the secular world,It’s not that half-step warriors like them dare to look directly。
If you really annoy the master cultivator,Under one hit,The lives of the two may be confessed。
Especially after entering the door,Then contact the respectful attitude of the butler,The identity of this cultivator is ready to emerge。
Don’t mention the three ghosts of Hengshan,It’s the Sha Family’s first powerful consecration to Guandao,Didn’t you also suffer from this legendary master cultivator??
Seeing Zhao Dabao’s shot,I heard two ghosts again、Three ghosts’ exclamation,The sad discovery of the Shafu butler,I really guessed it right。
Get,Don’t wait for this wicked master to get sick,Do what you want。
I saw the butler’s eyes flashing,Pointing at the surrounding Sha Fu people with their fingers and began to count,And also checked very loudly。
Loud lookup,That is to cater to Zhao Dabao’s heart,It’s the character who wants money。
It can be seen from past examples,Want to calm the incident,I want to be happy,Only money is best。
Start counting now,To let the bad master know,Our Shajiafu failed to admit defeat。
joke,Accept defeat,Is it stillTMThe gathered manpower to fight with this wicked master?
How to spell?