“Ok,Boss, you also know the fly restaurant,Then communicate better。By looking for these humble little restaurants,By tasting these street food snacks,I gradually understood a truth——Really delicious food can only be eaten in those humble small restaurants,As for those gorgeously decorated、Great hotel with good service···”

When Zhao Dabao is here,There is a slight pause。
In this pause,The sizzling squid stall owner smiled,He took a sentence triumphantly:
“That’s it,The real delicacy is hidden in the folk,Those big hotels,That is better decoration,in fact···”
I haven’t waited for the sizzling squid boss to finish talking,Zhao Dabao immediately made a summary summary:
“Actually it is,I can’t afford those big hotels!”
When Zhao Dabao’s concluding remark came out,The triumphant sizzling squid stall owner was as if he was choked by Sixi balls。
I rely on,How does this guy talk?He should not continue to praise folk delicacies,Is it normal to criticize high-end hotel dishes??Why did you come up with something‘Actually it is,I can’t afford those big hotels’Up?
at this time,Not only is the sizzling squid stall owner stunned,The big star Toria was also trapped by Zhao Dabao’s turning point——
My full-time driver is really amazing,Speak with such a big turn of 180 degrees,fainted,Really dizzy。
It’s just that when Toria looked at her strange full-time driver,She got it,The strange driver told himself this euphemistically——
He has no money、Can’t settle the bill。
After the final summary statement,Where is Zhao Dabao sitting without eyes,Did not say a word。
Anyway, I told you politely,You just figure it out,I have no money anyway,I don’t pay。
Looking at Zhao Dabao who doesn’t want to spend money,Big stars are a little bit too good。
Who is this guy?I went out for dinner with a girl and didn’t pay the bill?Especially come out with such a beautiful flowery beauty like me,I didn’t want to spend any money。
Although the strange driver expresses his meaning euphemistically,But Donglia is not polite,Direct orders: