Don’t say that Master Jianyi is cold-blooded,As a cultivator,Especially the masters of magic,Cruel、Indifferent、decision、Strong personality is a necessary condition,This was instilled by the teacher when they started practicing。

Chapter One Hundred and Fifty One disagree?Pinch your nose to agree
Whether it is a celestial star,Still earth star,The general principle of cultivation is to cut off any emotion,In order to stay as hard as steel,Not be disturbed by foreign demons。
But there are general,There will be exceptions,Zhao Dabao, who is practicing Taoist Qixue, is an exception。
In the general rule of Nine Revolutions Xuan Gong,Clearly record who you are learning,To taste all the emotions in the world,After all kinds of ups and downs,Accumulate on this basis,Certificate position。
In the whole log courtyard,Master Jian Yi’s calm and indifferent,That’s because he is a cultivator。
But as an ordinary person, Zhu Baiyi can’t stand it anymore,Especially among the five rich people in the sky,In addition to the city,There is also a rich man in Sui City。
As the richest man in Sui City,Is also the head of Sui City Entrepreneurs Association,It will inevitably have the idea of protecting the people in the association。
also,The other four rich men in the sky,Although not from Sui City Entrepreneurs Association,After all, I was invited to the conference。
And as the host of the party,Also have an obligation to adjust。
Thought of here,A communicative smile appeared on Zhu Baiyi’s face,Put your hands together and give a slight gift to Zhao Dabao。
For Zhao Dabao,Although both parties have good intentions,But the strong and unpredictable means shown by this kid,It also made Zhu Baiyi feel good,Feel the slightest fear。
“Master Zhao,look,Did you put down these five people in the sky??Even though they speak nonsense,But also received corresponding punishment。look,Whether to spare these five people?”