“Old east,Do you have any more requests?”

Seeing the daughter-in-law’s smile,Donglai can’t hold it anymore,“Puff”Laugh out loud:
“Haha,daughter in law,Don’t hold back,Seeing scared the two kids。Leah、Dabao,You two don’t blame me,This is your mother’s idea,I said I’m going to get you off,The province is not filial。Hahaha,Killing me。”
Listening to my wife’s words of surrender,Chen Xuemei can’t hold it anymore:
“Old east,Really,Finally performing,Why are you still showing up?Don’t say Liya is your daughter from now on,The father of a big actor can’t even act。”
After Chen Xuemei smiled and complained about her wife,Smiling face Zhao Dabaodao:
“Dabao,Teasing you,As long as you treat Leah well,Nothing else matters。Leah,I told your grandpa today,As long as Liya agrees、happy,Just from Yiliya’s mind。”
“Daughter,You can say that you are successful now,Have become first-line stars,Not short of money、Well-known。so,Your marriage is yours,As long as you are happy,Just do what you want。”
“But the words come back,Don’t blame your grandpa and them,They have their own plans,After all, everyone is selfish。okay,This thing ends here,You just take care of your acting career。As for your marriage,You decide。Dabao is pretty good,Although it’s not very rich,As long as you are happy,We have no objection。”
a few words,Fully exposed、Chen Xuemei’s love for her daughter。As a parent,Can be so open and not interfere with her daughter’s marriage,Really few。
Especially in Chen Xuemei’s words clearly stated,As long as the baby girl agrees,Does the man have money,Is there any power?,Doesn’t matter。
Xia Guo,So disregarding the man’s money、There are really few powerful parents。
Of course,Or money, something outside of the body,For Toria,Its role has been greatly reduced。
Some years later,Whenever east comes、When Chen Xuemei was educating some children of the Chen family,Often give examples of today,Between the lines,The pride of knowing eyes and beads is self-evident。