I didn’t believe it then,But when I learnt what kind of character Baichuan is leaning on,I have such high confidence。Why am I so eager to announce this,I just want to hug Dazhen Zhao’s thigh tightly。

I just want to let Dazhen Zhao know,As long as you don’t dislike me, Youshi Transportation Group,Then, the future and future of my Youshi Transportation Group,It’s all in your hands, Dazhen Zhao。
If Dazhen Zhao learns about my move,Would he not be moved?Will you stay still?After that, the development of the Youshi Transportation Group,Where else is the character?Where can one stop?
But to know,Behind the development of Youshi Transportation Group,But there is a towering tree like Zhao Dazhen to support、Give courage,WhotmDare to stand in the way?
Zhao Dazhen,The pinnacle of the planet,You thought it was a joke?
Looking at the doubtful eyes of many senior executives of Youshi Group,And an incredible look,Swim the sea and took a deep breath:
“Say so,Thanks to Baichuan’s careful planning last night、Meticulous preparation,And move forward courageously,Our Youshi Transportation Group finally leans on a towering tree。As long as this towering giant stands behind our Youshi Transportation Group,Our Youshi Transportation Group will set sail,Go straight to the pinnacle of the world transportation industry,It will eventually become the world’s largest transportation group!”
“Giant trees?What towering trees?Dad,Can you elaborate?”
“Yes,President You,Tell me a lot。”
Whether it’s You Baichuan’s younger brother,Or the top of other Youshi Transportation Group,Are all attracted by the president’s words。
Swimming at this time,There is a kind of spirited spirit when the group was founded,I saw those eyes that swim in the sea,The eagle looked at the whole audience like a wolf:
“Specifically how a towering tree?You don’t need to know clearly,Just remember,Just stay firmly on this towering tree,Our Youshi Transportation Group will set sail。”
Listening to President You Dahai’s vowed words,A nephew of the vice president asked:
“uncle,Did Baichuan contact important people in the province??”