If you’re stupid, with cultivators all over the world、Cultivation school is the enemy,alsoTMWhere to get resources?

As some people misrepresent,Kill a school at every turn,Such a cultivator can go far、Are you walking high?
In the practice world,Before life and death,Few people will do nothing。
so,make friends、Purchasing resources is one of Zhao Dabao’s cultivation principles。
Of course,Incidentally, it’s also one of the principles。
at this time,Seeing the white-haired dragon girl choose Wenbi,Zhao Dabao knows,It’s time for him to play。
He knows,The two seniors in front of you,Cultivation is based on the red face and the sword。But on the meticulous mind、Mind dexterity,She is the number one white-haired dragon girl。
Now that the Wen Bi plan is set,The next step is to implement the least effort、The most insurance plan。
And this plan will not allow the white-haired dragon girl to participate,Otherwise, more than 80% must be choking。
I saw Zhao Dabao, this wicked thing, look left、Right look,Whisper to the knife again、Grinning eyes,Let the red face of the same man understand the meaning in Zhao Dabao’s eyes in an instant.。
Everyone here knows,Once in front of your sweetheart, someone makes a joke that draws closer,As a man,The sweetness in my heart is unparalleled。
In the heart,The man involved never refuses such kindness、It can also bring the jokes closer to your sweetheart。
Even to some extent will support,Even condone this kind of joke。
As for the woman involved,Be ashamed,But there will be sweetness。
Once you let the two men and women you love fall into this kind of kindness、Mixed with sweet jokes,The person’s IQ and reaction will be infinitely lowered。
only,As a man,Its IQ will be infinitely close to zero。
Looking at the smirk brother,The white-haired dragon girl was funny and sweet and took a look at the knife,Mean you are stupid,What are you smirking?The competition hasn’t started yet。
For the junior’s knife,Red noodles pass knife is sweet received,Meaning but not fully understood。