Yes,How could this farmer have so much money?

If he is rich,Won’t be so shabby。
Especially the recent conversations,Evasive transaction、Avoid suspicion of signing a contract。Didn’t you see that he always thought about it??Don’t talk about signing a contract with Wu Weiguang at all。
Watch the fun,Of course it’s not too big。
There is a twenty-something’Adidas‘The young man shouted impatiently:
“I said,Buddies,Can you sign a contract?Can you hurry up?Buy what you can,Leave if you can’t buy it,Everyone’s time is very busy。”
A urging words from Adidas,Zhao Dabao is not happy,What reminder,I am acting in a costume here,I’m not in a hurry,What are you worried about??
also‘Everyone’s time is busy’,You are busy, you go,No one stopped you,Just watch the excitement,do notTMBlending。
Just think of it,Anyway, Zhao Dabao just wants to make things bigger。
Do you have a fight with Xingcheng’s deputy sales manager?,Fighting with people watching the excitement is also doing,All in one sentence,Make a big battle,Make things bigger。
“I rely on,Buddies,Just watch,Withdraw if you don’t want to see,No one stopped you。how?I don’t think it is here、What’s wrong,Did you pay?Don’t force it without paying。If you pay one million,I’ll explain to you right away。”
The words are here,Zhao Dabao suddenly found out,Hey,I still confiscated the appearance fee,This money must also be counted on the Tuyuan Group。
At this moment,Zhao Dabao’s wicked gadget has already begun to settle accounts。
According to the usual payment requirements,Tuyuan Real Estate also has to pay an appearance fee of 20 million yuan。After all this time“Individual invitation”,Unlike the previous invitations from many companies。
Ok,As I plan to attend the Tuyuan Group many times“invite”,Then I will give him a conscience price,Make a half,Ten million once。
10 million per appearance,what,I have to calculate,How about going out six or seven times??10 million at a time,Six or seven times is sixty to seven million,Ok,This business can be done。