Chapter Two Hundred and Three seat

This is the entrance with all the commercial predators in Sui City,Face this young man,It is equal to facing the oppression of all commercial groups in Sui City。You said,Zhao Dabao now,Can it not produce a powerful aura??
While seeing Zhao Dabao,Jin Donglai, the leader of the chemical city, was also shocked.。
Empathy,If a political and business exchange meeting is held in Huacheng,He Jin Donglai can’t reach the level of this young man。
Yes,He Jin Donglai is the first person in Huashi,When he held an exchange meeting,Representatives of some heavyweight companies will participate,But it’s only the scale of the participating companies he brought to the conference today.。
No matter from the quantity,Still compare in terms of quality,He is far inferior to this young man。
After all, this young man brought the team into the meeting room,It includes the top 15 heavyweight groups in Sui City。
also,Jin Donglai led the company to participate in the exchange meeting,Not all group bosses,But there are some vice presidents。
This is absolutely incomparable with the group owner of Qing Yishui led by young people,Enterprise representatives participate,Even if the representative is the deputy general manager,I can’t compare myself with the group boss.,Not on a horizontal line at all。
One is for a business owner,One is the business owner。
One sentence,The boss can decide the corporate career of a part-time job;The part-time job can determine what the business owner does?
One might say,Although I am a corporate worker,But i am senior、Gold-collar workers,My position is extremely important,I was personally invited by the boss。
but,Say a thousand、Dao ten thousand,Are you still a wage earner??Identity gap,Doomed to different positions。
And there is an important point,It’s incomparable to Jin Donglai, the chairman of the city council。
When Zhao Dabao walked into the venue,The fifteen heavyweight groups in Sui City are always solemn、Dignified,With Zhao Dabao as the leader、Step by step into the venue。
At this point,Not only that Jin Donglai, the chairperson of Huacheng City, cannot do it,Even the home leader Qin Yuanzheng in Sui City couldn’t do it。
There are two forms of participation,One is to sit down at the venue in advance,Just like this meeting,Fei Fucai in Xianghua City、Li Yuchun and other large group bosses arrived at the meeting in advance,Did not wait for the speaker to come to the conference hall。
What does this reflect?Fei Fucai、Rich entrepreneurs like Li Yuchun put themselves on the same level as Jin Donglai and others。
Only Xianghua City Mayor Yinfangtong,And the deputy speaker、The deputy mayor and others waited until Jin Donglai appeared,Just follow in,This is a manifestation of subordinates。
And today,Zhu billion、You Dahai and other 15 heavyweight group owners,It was the posture of the subordinate who followed Zhao Dabao into the arena。This form,Reflects the recognition of the bosses of the fifteen groups for the position of Zhao Dabao as the leader。