Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Nine Gambling money?

I heard Zhao Dabao’s defense,The patrol leader Qian opened his eyes and smiled:
“it is good,Since you want evidence,I will give you evidence。Xiao Zhang、Xiao Li,Go up and search,Find out gambling money。”
With the order of the patrol leader,Two costumed patrols are going forward。
“Wait,Wait。”Zhao Dabao reached out and stopped Xiao Zhang、Xiao Li’s actions。
“police officer,Since I want to search,First of all, do you have a search warrant??Moreover,You broke in without knocking at the door,Is there a problem with the law enforcement procedure??and also,If the stolen money is not found,What are you going to do?”
A series of questions,It hits the head of the patrol leader like a bullet。
‘Yoha,This guy knows a lot?Still know the search warrant、What about law enforcement procedures,It doesn’t look like an ordinary person。’
This is the first reaction of the patrol leader,Although responding,Money didn’t take it seriously,Can go out to find a lady,Not a good bird,Not a big shot。
If it’s a big shot,To find a lady, you have to find a model or a beautiful actress 100%。
Moreover,I can’t just drive in a hotel,I have to find a villa or something,Play another unobstructed conference or something。
And the guy in front of you,You look,To be temperamental,To dress undressed。
The issue is,heTMHe even set up a game to win Miss’s money,ThisTMHow low is the quality of?Even ordinary gamblers、Not as good as prostitutes。
Such a person can be a big shot,Can have a deep background,You won’t believe it if you kill Qian and open your eyes。
“Don’t say it’s useless,In case of emergency,Our patrol can be dealt with immediately。Xiao Zhang、Xiao Li,on,Search me,If you resist, you can directly use coercive measures。”
Heard the leader’s order,Xiao Zhang、Xiao Li bravely moved forward。
At this time, Zhao Dabao did not resist either,No action,Let these two patrol and search their bodies with a smile。
Although it’s September,The temperature is not low,In addition to a set of Lining sportswear that appears to be fake and inferior, Zhao Dabao,Only lingerie is left。