Listen to the statements of the original direct line,Wang Zhihui’s face is pale,There is no longer the style of leadership that used to strategize。

Originally meticulous、Unusually flat head shape,How does it look like a chicken coop now,And it’s a chicken coop destroyed by strong winds,Embarrassed。
Chapter Two Hundred and Eleven what happened?
Wang Zhihui knows,This war without gunpowder,He was defeated too much。It can be said,Him now,The only one who loses is a pant to cover up,Which is his current position as mayor of Sui City。
Even this shameful panty position,In the near future,gone With the Wind。
At this moment, he is so desperate,Still want to resist?
If you lose in officialdom, you lose,Lose is lose。
If you admit defeat、Defeated,Complete surrender,According to officialdom,Bachelors only hit ninety-nine,No plus one。
In other words,When you give up completely、Defeated,The winning side will give you a decent chance to step down。
For example,Wang Zhihui is defeated now、Gave up,Qin Yuanzheng would not be appropriate to push Wang Zhihui into the abyss with the remaining brave chasing the poor,But to let him go at the end,Let him down gracefully,Feel free to find a spare time,Surviving。
Why does this officialdom practice always exist,The reason is very simple,No one can guarantee that he will not step down、Undefeated,This is to leave a way for myself。
The opposite of,If the loser doesn’t know each other,It’s just resistance。Hehe,Until then,It is advisable that the essence of the remaining brave chasing the poor will be brought into full play,Don’t talk about knocking you down the abyss,And will be fined to eighteen levels of hell,Let you never stand up。