Or it’s just men and women hugging each other,The light spring is boundless。

More music,Properly catch the prostitution scene。
but,But,The scene now is completely as imagined、Different experiences。
Yes,There are men and women in the room,Also has an expression of consternation。Although everyone is in the mirror,This expression is real,But there are also fake。
but,The other scenes did not reappear。
I saw this man and woman sitting on the bed neatly dressed,Each hand holds a handful of playing cards,actuallyTMPlaying cards,Playing poker。
ThisTMWhat the hell is this?
How to play poker?How are you playing?
They shouldn’t‘Barely escape’’S playing“Goblin fight”The game?They shouldn’t be“Hum harp”What?
How are you playing cards?How to play poker?
at this moment,Everyone was stunned,Including Lingling who is excited in playing cards。
Everyone, look at me,I see you,Looking at each other,Dumbfounded,It’s so quiet like night!
The patrol leader Qian opened his eyes and reacted relatively quickly,Asked with a serious face: