As a translator,Part-time job,He hasn’t experienced it yet。

Experience without experience,This is also a form of experience of joining the WTO。
Call the agent summer,With a hint of please say that I want to go out。
Xia Xia agreed without hesitation,After all, in a luxurious five-star hotel,There is no problem with personal safety,If Zhao Dabao wants to go out, go out。
I just think of my cousin Toria,Summer thinking,How about letting my cousin go out and relax。
With Zhao Dabao, a powerful bodyguard beside him,Toria’s safety is absolutely guaranteed。
From the conflict in the sky service area,Summer can be seen,The temporary hired treasure is not ordinary force。
Just show up so twice,Much better than the bodyguards hired by big stars。
Zhao Dabao alone,Can match all the bodyguards of Dong Liya。
When I asked my cousin Toria what he meant in the summer,,The big star is happy。
Toria is only 20 this year,It’s the moment of youth when I want to play and make trouble。
Before going out,Front and rear security、Bodyguard,Haha, a dozen people,Can’t enjoy the fun of playing。
Why insist on not letting those bodyguards follow,Isn’t it because Toria has the idea to play alone??
Although there were some accidents in the sky service area,But wasn’t it also settled by Zhao Dabao?。
Now with Zhao Dabao’s strong protection,I will have fun。
So when my cousin asked if he was going out for a tour,Big star Toria agreed without rushing at all。
Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Nine Iron squid