According to the practice of the celestial star cultivation world,One method as long as it is suitable for the Mingjin stage,Then the same applies to Anjin、Acquired stage。

Because of Ming Jin、Dark energy、The day after tomorrow belongs to the same basic stage of the cultivation world。
And congenital qi training、Foundation、Jin Dan belongs to the immortal level after the broken void。
As for Yuan Ying、Fit、Mahayana,Except for some records on the Nine Revolutions Profound Art,The others are legends,No one knows whether it is successful。
Compared to Zhao Dabao,What yuanying、Fit、Mahayana,That’s too far away from him,Can’t even think about it。
Are you innately practicing Qi?,To think about it,But when he breaks through to the day after tomorrow,This kid will think about it。
I thought about this stuff before,If you cultivate to Consummation the day after tomorrow,Will he break through to innate qi training??
Whether on the celestial star,Still the current earth star,Zhao Dabao’s brain circuit is different from that of a normal cultivator。
Once normal practitioners have the opportunity to break through innate Qi training,,I will definitely choose to break through and ascend to another world to continue my great cause。
But Zhao Dabao thinks differently from normal cultivators,The first consideration for this product is not soaring,It’s whether you can continue to play cool once you fly?
If you fly to another world,Turned into a small tail-like crane,Then he would rather not fly,Honestly pretend to be awesome on Earth。
mof,Soaring to another world,Just for longevity?For further training?
For longevity,For practice,Give up pretending to be cool,Then be pretended to be cool by others,Become a background wall where others pretend to be cool,I’m sick?I’m stupid?
so,If you don’t pretend to be cool,Zhao Dabaoning can choose not to break through,This is the low-level、‘Hug the dog’Real thoughts。A different idea from ordinary cultivators,A super husky idea in the practice world。
Since the previous inference is valid,Zhao Dabao did not hesitate to refine the only Amplifying Pill of Consummation level for the first time.。
He is also curious,What would a pill of consummation and above be??
“puff”Bang,The sound is clear and loud,It’s worthy of the refining of pills above the Consummation level,The sound is extraordinary。
This is Zhao Dabao’s first thought。
Everyone cares about the pill pill of Consummation level after being tempered again,What will it be like。
But Zhao Dabao’s first attention is the voice during refining,This can’t be said to be different,Husky is Husky,The focus is different from ordinary people。