But in official circles like Xuetai,,It’s not as simple as flat adjustment。

Provincial Taxation Administration,Although it is a key department with concentrated power,But it is only a provincial branch system。
But Sui City is different,That is a prefecture-level city of millions of people。If done well,The chairman of the city council of Sui city can directly enter the standing member of the provincial assembly,Then you can reach the sky in one step,Directly become a senior cadre at the provincial and ministerial level。
Chairperson of the governing place、Director of the office of the mayor and his descendants,Once you do something on the local backbone,,Its promotion speed is not in the branch system,Comparable。
so,The same cadre,But as the chairperson of a city council,Is much more important than the director of a system in the province。
Don’t say anything else yet,In Xia Guo’s officialdom,If the director of a province or department goes to the prefecture to inspect the work。City reception、Escort,There will be at most one mayor,The second in command of the city。
And as the leader of the city——President of the City Council,Only in deputy provincial cadres,And when the sub-provincial cadres with real power come down for inspection,Will attend。
Just from this point,You can see the importance of the chairman of the city council。
also,If a deputy provincial cadre wants to be the governor、Provincial Assembly Speaker Throne,If you have not served as the chairperson or mayor of the city on the main line of the city,Will never be promoted to governor、Provincial Assembly Speaker,Be at most a provincial minister,Like the Minister of Agriculture。
Same reason,A minister of agriculture,Can talk to the president of a provincial assembly、Governor Bi??Same at the provincial and ministerial level,The difference is huge,Although it can’t reach the gap between heaven and earth,But not much。
Hao Chunlai as Director of the City Council Office,It is the iron line of Qin Yuanzheng, chairman of the city council,What he said、Things done,Sometimes on behalf of Qin Yuanzheng, the chairman of the city council。
After Qin Yuanzheng took up his duty in Sui City,,When adjusting the city council officers for the first time,The former deputy secretary general of the city council was transferred from his original job position,The location candidate has not been determined yet。
As for who can be the deputy secretary of the city council,But benevolent people see benevolence、The wise see wise。
Hao Chunlai as the former Director of the Office of the State Administration of Taxation,Xue Tai has known each other a long time ago。