Everything from the Xue family is good,Only bad,Just like to show off。

Mai Fan thinks,People with real heritage,Which one is not hiding riches in life,This is probably the real reason why aristocrats look down on merchants。
Set a small goal first,such as1Seconds to remember:Book guest house
Chapter Two Hundred Seventy Four Test
The Xue family got the case leader’s son and stabilized himself,The entire Xue family has stabilized。
The second day after the list came out,Is the day of the test。
The government test is conducted in the government governing the county,Hosted by the prefect。
The process is the same as the first level,It’s just that the number of guarantees has increased by one,The rest is basically unchanged。
Because of the results,The Xue Pan of the Xue family was unremarkable from the beginning,Directly into the eyes of many scholars in Jinling。
Those who have the conditions to get the Xuepan County test paper,I saw Xue Pan’s roll noodles,A compliment from everyone,Clean and tidy,Solid foundation。
But this praise ends here,No one thinks Xue Pan is special。
Because the exam increases with the difficulty,It’s not just the basis of daily reading。
Which level and level behind the exam,Isn’t it related to the understanding of the article, the judgment of the problem and the solution of the problem??