Put this sentence on4sshop,Sales are the display。

If you don’t even show,What sales?
You never put the sales staff outside the red brick compound,Yell in a line,It’s not the same thing。
Once someone walks by,The sales staff shouted collectively:
Take a walk,Take a look,Volvo models are on sale!
Walk through、Passing by,Don’t miss it!After passing this village, there will be no such shop!
Come and have a look,The discount is affordable again!
If you shout like this,The result can be imagined
This Volvo from Zhao Dabao4sBehind the shop is the maintenance workshop,All Volvo models,Carry out corresponding maintenance in the maintenance workshop。
When Zhao Dabao’ss90drive to4sAt the entrance and exit of the store,There are three or four cars in front of him,Look at its motionless posture,Seems to have been a while。
From Zhao Dabao’s perspective,There are almost no people in the three or four cars ahead。
As for where the people in the car are?
Then it’s easy to understand,In front of these three or four cars4sEntrance of the shop parking lot,The noise is shaking everywhere。
Don’t ask,Accident happened again,100% of the owners of these three or four cars ran over to watch the excitement。
See this situation,Zhao Dabao shook his head helplessly,Inwardly thinking: