So know、Brother Liakong, do you think Hou Tian Da is really good??

Of course awesome。
But if it is as described in Shimen ancient books,They really don’t believe it。
But it’s different now,I saw these two giant black and white spheres made by Zhao Dazhen,They really believe in the ancient records of Shimen.,Landslide、House collapsed。
Shocked,Amazed,Just know、Brother Likong didn’t worry in his heart,Or the idea of escaping the temple for safety。
This is the acquired real person who is making magical artifacts,What a rare blessing。
you can say so,The whole process of refining magical artifacts,Its value can reach the level of invaluable。
Don’t tell me、Brother Kong Kong,Is to count the entire Wujue Temple,Push forward another two thousand years,Not necessarily that some monks have seen the process of refining the artifact。
What a precious opportunity,Don’t say whether you can understand,Learn the techniques of Zhao Dazhen。Is to remember a bit of the process,Understand a trace of sentiment,That is to give one hundred million,Neither of them are willing to take this opportunity。
Moreover,With Zhao Dazhen, the great Buddha,What’s the danger?
If you feel the danger next to Da Zhenren,,Then there is no safe place for the entire planet。
so,Even in the face of these two super sphere bombs that are about to explode,The two great monks did not have a trace of fear,Two pairs of four with big eyes are bigger than table tennis,Staring at Zhao Dabao,I’m afraid to miss a trace of the process。
The idea of a cat on the beam,And know、Brother Likong has exactly the same idea。
Or someone said,Ghosts are another human life,The ideas of the two categories are very close。
Plus in the little mind of Huahua ghost Huahua,Dad Zhao Dabao is omnipotent、Omnipotent super hero。
As long as Dad Zhao Dabao is here,Then there is no danger at all。