“small”The hand is still that“small”hand,The softness is still the original softness,Even the temperature didn’t change at all,Still the same shape!

Over time,Qin Tiehui’s forehead is violent、Flushed,There is a slight fluctuation in the body,This is Qin Tiehui that inspired Quan’s inner strength and strength,There is no reservation。
at this moment,Qin Tiehui discovered,It turns out that Mr. Zhao is really unfathomable。
Unfathomable thoughts just came to mind,Qin Tiehui panicked himself。
At this moment, he thought of a saying often said in the cultivation world:
Master must not be humiliated,Master cannot be neglected,Real people are not visible!
And what did I do now
Thought of here,A trace of panic and fear climbed on Qin Tiehui’s forehead。
Haven’t waited for Qin Tiehui to think、action,Zhao Dabao’s palm moved,Five fingers turned upside down strangely,Squeezed Qin Tiehui’s right hand。
The power is like the rising tide of the Qiantang River,And wave after wave。
Which is one second,Just one second,The increasing strength is no longer what Qin Tiehui can contend。
“Creak、Creak”’S bone crack rang,This is Qin Tiehui’s right hand that is already unbearable.。
Pain of fractured bone,And it’s a pain that gradually splits,In an instant, Qin Tie Hammer was trapped firmly like a big net。
Especially when I watch my hands gradually deform,But nothing prevents、Resistance。
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Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Five Hammer down