”Li Kai!“

”??Who called me!“
“What do you say?“
Xu Yang said from behind me at this moment!I was shocked!Xu Yang knows this little bastard?
“you!Why are you so familiar?“
”how?Forget me so soon!“
”It’s too dark,I can’t see clearly,“Talking,Just walk in and see,Then I saw him pale in shock,And said with a trembling voice。
”Xu~~~foreign~~~brother~brother!Why are you!what~what~Ha what a coincidence!“
”Humph!What did you just say!“
”what?No!What did you say?“
”Who is Hee’s ex-boyfriend??“
”???Who?Hee??Oh,You mean Pan Ruoxi!This is it!Huanglong!Pan Ruoxi ex-boyfriend!“then,He felt a gust of wind blowing by his ear!Xu Yang dropped the bag,Just rush up,Fist,Hit this Huanglong like rain!
”My goodness!Xu Ge!Xu Ge!Don’t get excited!Don’t get excited!What are you doing!Hurry up!Ugh,,Ugh!Don’t hurt my brother Xu!“
No one stopped Xu Yang from beating people!I watched him beating very well,Surprised then!This beating technique,Let the beaten only feel the unbearable pain,But will not cause obvious scars!
Ugh!He’s so unlucky!
Man thing,It has nothing to do with me,I hold milk tea,I didn’t care about the bags on the ground,Sitting on a chair on the side of the pedestrian street,Watch the excitement!
Xu Yang’s method of beating people,Really amazing!No one else can get in!
”Pan Ruoxi!Are you dating my Xu Yang brother?!“I can’t get inKK,Ran over and chat with me。
”Which eye sees we are in love?“