Wait until they want to be reasonable、When playing intelligence,But you gave people a super powerful force that crushes everything,The gangster didn’t play like this, right?

Gangsters can martial arts,No one can stop!
The issue is,The peasant hooligan in front of me and the wicked Zhao Dabao,But Ming Jin is a real master。
This is still Jian Yizheng and others,I don’t know Zhao Dabao’s true cultivation level。
If you really know the gangster in front of you,Not only Ming Jin Master,But a master of dark power、When the spiritual power reaches the wonderful work of the acquired innocent person,I don’t know how I will swear?
“Immeasurable Tianzun,Master Zhao,Poor Dao is polite here。”
“Ha ha”Laughed,Zhao Dabao smiled without a smile:
“Master Jian Yi,look,What to do next?”
How to do?Zhen Yi muttered in his heart,mof,This wicked kid is just me。What should we do now?Even knowing that your kid is a bone,I have to gnaw,Didn’t you see the rich people staring at me??
at this time,If I admit to counseling and retreat,The prestige accumulated over the past few years has disappeared completely.。
Thought of here,Jian Yizheng’s face is straight,Words with a knife:
“Master Zhao,Since they are both cultivators,Let’s open the window and talk brightly。Practice world,Whether reasonable or unreasonable,In the final analysis, only the cultivation base can speak。How about this,Master Zhao,We draw down,On the level of cultivation。”
Hear Jane’s words,All the rich people who eat melon are a little surprised looking at one on the court“high”One“low”Two people。
Of course,At this moment“high”with“low”Not height,Does not mean the cultivation base,It refers to the impression of many rich people who eat melon。
As for who is high and who is low,Don’t need to explain directly。
One hundred and forty chapters Fight?
In the hearts of everyone,Zhao Dabao’s wickedness、Not something,And the character of not playing cards according to chapter,Already deeply afraid!
And when I heard what Jian Yizheng called Zhao Dabao,In a trance,Fear turned into fear and shock。