“How about this,Since Master Jianyi’s magic weapon is damaged,I have a pill,Gift Master,Counted as my apology。”

Talking,Finger flick,A dark green jade bottle appeared in front of Master Jian Yi。
Facing the dark green jade bottle that emerged out of thin air,Master Jian Yi was slightly surprised,But haven’t been scared yet。
For this kind of thing that appeared out of nowhere,Master Jian Yi as a cultivator knows,This can only be done by magic with spatial attributes。
And as three**Law of space,Just like the emperor in the practice world,Scarce but powerful。
I originally saw this kind of object with spatial attributes,No cultivator will be indifferent。
It’s just today’s Master Jian Yi,Too many weird things,Even with nerves and powerful。So facing this kind of spatial attributes、Dark green jade bottle appeared in the sky,It’s no surprise。
Master Jian Yi stretched out his left hand,The dark green jade bottle falls on the palm of the hand。
In slight consternation,Master Jian Yi pulled off the cork of the jade bottle,A faint fragrance is like a breeze after rain,Let Master Jian Yi’s nerves of repeated frights calm down、Much quieter。
Chapter One Hundred Sixty Two Top grade Xiaohuandan
When the lavender green pill in the bottle was poured out,Master Jian Yi exclaimed with a slightly moving expression:
“Xiao Huan Dan!”
Xiao Huan Dan,It is also a well-known pill in the cultivation world!
A pill that can improve Ming Jin’s cultivation,Not to mention in the secular world,It is rare and precious even in the cultivation world。
On the scale of Jianyi Division,Only when facing a small breakthrough,Will be given a small pill。
And this opportunity,It must be a core disciple of Master Jian Yi after breaking through to the level of Master Yin and Yang,To enjoy this treatment。
It can be said,During Master Jian Yi’s training career,I only got a small red pill。