Since you showed a poor**wire、The image of petty citizens,That makes others look down on、contempt,Not a normal thing。

But it’s the initiator,alsotm Pretend、The evil taste of slap。so,Zhao Dabao was definitely while traveling,I got my brain out of trouble。
The greetings are also greetings,Enrollment procedures will be completed immediately,As Deputy Director of the Department of Economics and Management Chen Kun,Enthusiastically personally lead Zhao Min’s mother and daughter to the girls’ dormitory,Arrange a dormitory for Zhao Xiaoying。
Deputy Director Chen Kun introduced the campus facilities to Zhao Min while walking,And Xiaoying’s future school hours。
He made up his mind,Must receive this“Big leader”Noblewoman of family,Your future promotion may come from this reception。
What Chen Kun never expected was,This family member’s“Big leader”,Carrying a big box of camphor wood,Follow like a donkey。
Zhao Dabao now,Under Chen Kun’s ignorance,Carrying a big box of camphor wood happily,With Zhao Xiaoying、Meng Hui smiled and Yan Yan walked together,Talking about Tianjin University’s 100-year history and related interesting facts from time to time。
Meng Hui, the school flower teacher of the Department of Economics and Management,I am more curious than good impressions of Zhao Dabao。Any woman,The first to be curious about strong men,This is an inevitable product of human evolution。
It’s like animals in nature,Any strong male animal,Will attract the curious eyes of female animals,What’s more, Zhao Dabao is an unusually powerful male who carries boxes like a ball.。
As for Zhao Dabao’s teacher,It’s more likes than curiosity。
This is also easy to understand,Any man,As long as he is not from the palace,Of course it will have a good impression on beautiful ladies,This is an iron rule。
Besides, Meng Hui is nearly 30 years old,This is the most charming golden stage in a woman’s life,Just like a peach that has just been ripe to the best point,Exudes the ultimate infinite charm。
A curiosity plus a good impression,A good impression plus curiosity,These two meet,If you still don’t get a spark,No one believes it。
It’s just that Zhao Xiaoying is around,Zhao Dabao will not have too many ideas,I just feel Meng Hui is really“Not bad”。
The same is true,Communicate with each other,Teacher Meng Hui also thinks that Zhao Dabao is not as wretched as the long one,On the contrary, there are some novel and chic higher-level ideas。
Coupled with the unique temperament of one’s own cultivator,Invisible,Teacher Meng Hui’s favor with this product is constantly improving。
As for Zhao Xiaoying,A girl in love,My heart is attached to Brother Bao,Some of the original sensitivity has been reduced to the lowest point,I didn’t feel Meng Hui’s favor with Brother Bao at all。
Just feel,Brother Bao and Teacher Meng are very speculative.。
At this time, Zhao Dabao felt a different kind of stimulation,In front of my lover,I have just met someone、And communicate with female teachers who have a good impression of themselves,How can there be a strange sense of accomplishment、Excitement?