Exactly the same,In long hair men’s“hand”Haven’t said it yet。Zhao Dabao moved again,Silhouette flashes,As if Zhao Dabao didn’t leave the place where he stood for half a step。

But the long-haired man has risen into the sky,Accompanied by a long, heart-wrenching howl,Rolling,The blood in the mouth keeps squirting,But at the moment of landing,The howling stopped abruptly。
Lao Ba fell to the ground,Everyone basically didn’t see it clearly。But this time the long-haired man was beaten to the sky and landed,Everyone can see clearly,Some people still have blood drops falling down on their bodies。
At the moment when the long-haired man landed,crowd“Hula”Take a dozen steps back at once。Watching the fun is willing to watch the fun,But if you watch the show and find a dead person,The excitement turned into panic。
Everyone whispered:
“Who is this person,Do it without saying anything。”
“Yes,I don’t think Zhao Min has such a relative,Where did it come from?Look at his attitude towards Zhao Min’s mother and daughter.。”
“Yes,Only close,Otherwise I won’t do it directly,I said,Sister Zhang,Your counter is not far from Zhao Min,Have you seen this person?”
“Never seen,This person is too fierce,Pay attention to the future,Don’t mess with Zhao Min。Have we seen this situation?,Do it without saying a word,This is killing people。”
“I rely on,This kid is too cruel,Hand is not broken,Is vomiting blood,This is the killer。Where’s the police,Why didn’t the police come?Don’t care?”
“Hush、、、、、Hush,Lao Zhang,Don’t bluff,At first glance, this kid is a ruthless character,Don’t the police have come yet,Your kid got him off,Here you go,You can bear it?”
Hear here,Very a bit“Outrageous”Lao Zhang Lima“Pee”Up,It doesn’t hurt or itchy“justice”Okay,If you really let him come forward,Which is impossible,Little life matters!
There was some fear in the discussion, and they withdrew far away,But did not disperse。Excessive enthusiasm breeds in panic,Pointing,The crowd is increasing,Some even took out the phone and called friends to watch the fun。
at this moment,The lively spirit of the people in Xia Country has been infinitely magnified。The crowds watching the lively melons are excited,But the remaining three gangsters were completely frightened。
The troubled gangsters also want to follow the crowd to retreat,But in Zhao Dabao Ling’s eyes,Don’t dare to move while your legs are shaking。
The evil god in front of me didn’t listen to their explanation at all,Once said“move”This word,Immediately kill people。the first time,They produced“Reason”So important!
No matter how you bully,I have to be justified。No one like you,Don’t even let anyone excuse me,Isn’t this bullying?How can we make the Central Eight Tigers live??Still unreasonable?
Looking at the three frightened gangsters in front of me,Zhao Dabao is bigger,
“you,just you,Talk about,Is it your hand that moved?”
With Zhao Dabao’s point,This guy sat on the ground,Face pale as paper,The head shook like a bang,Just afraid to talk。He is afraid of speaking,Haven’t waited to say everything,Was killed by a palm。